Dirty Dozen: People/Entities Who Screwed (still screwing) the Philippines

17 06 2010

This is not arranged according to rank.

1.            Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo – Probably the most infamous post-Marcos president. She received the lowest net satisfaction rating in history at -32 .  The country was actually euphoric when she replaced Erap but questionable decisions marred her leadership. She earned the ire of some soldiers thus the Oakwood mutiny. She was involved in the infamous “Gloriagate” (Hello Garci) controversy which, until now has no closure. She played the Filipinos well by acting out her “I’m Sorry” speech (though we know she’s not really sorry). She declared a de facto Martial Law via PP 1017. Her administration is hounded by political killings ala Marcos style. She issued EO 464 to cover some of her acts from Senate inquiry. She pardoned Erap which opened a lot of cans of worms. Because of her, the essence of People Power is gone. And now, she’s going to be a Congresswoman with yet another chance to screw this country. How ‘bout that?





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