Youth Anonymous

15 11 2010

Every generation has its trends and a predominant way of thinking. These trends change over the years. They change because just like any other thing in this world they are affected by wear and tear. In a much later history emerged the hippies which are our moms and dads. They are perhaps the more revolutionary ones since they resisted the institutionalization of war, conflict and oppression. Then came the yuppies who could be our elder brothers and sisters. The yuppies perhaps realized that there is no sense resisting change because they may have seen it as inevitable and so they sought to imbue themselves with these changes and give it a touch of their own. Then came the groupies which are derivatives from either the hippies or the yuppies. I refer to them as the groupies because after the yuppies, the generation that followed is a mix of pop culture, sub-cultures, and counter cultures that are short lived, sporadic but is definitely masterfully exploited and commercialized. The groupies would include the hip-hops, the rockers, the punks, the rastas, the emotivists or emos and other teenage mutated groupies which are unfortunately ruling the streets of Baguio.


What separates the groupies from the elder generations is the fact that this generation has simply no identity. The hippies had their music and their anti-establishmentarianist way of thinking. The yuppies had their liberal economic ideals. They are progressive minded. Though one may be different from the other ideologically, still both of these movements are geared towards a social identity of being one in committing a specific and coherent goal to dictate how things should be run and not merely be dictated by the system.


But what do we have now, an army of youth clinging to a movement that will only lead them nowhere. I may not be part of those days, but truly I am aware that gone are the days of nationalism and youth activism. The different youth groups or gangs that comprise this groupie generation make things a lot more complicated. Each gang is a vulture devouring the other and there is simply no cooperation. This generation is comparable to a huge dysfunctional ship lost in the middle of the ocean just waiting for it to sink. It has no sense of direction and is denied of faith.


Walk downtown Session or any street and you’d see this generation with their faces pierced, tattered jeans or loose pants, spiked hairs or tattooed necks, cigars and with the smell of alcohol, and their knife in their pocket; they’d look at you and hit you if you’d bat an eye no matter who you are and how old you are, there is simply no respect.


Just imagine when this generation will age. What future will we have for our sons and daughters? Will we even live long enough to have our own? What lesson will we teach them? What future will this country have if the men and women of this generation will rule? Will anyone follow or will each just keep that gangster mentality. I guess the remaining sane ones would just have to carry the rest on their shoulders and would have to work real hard for that burden. Or perhaps the tide will change and this generation will come to its senses. Perhaps.




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