Thank You!

16 06 2011

Hi All!

When I started this blog, I just meant it to be an online repository of my case digests. I never knew I’d be helping a lot of other students out there. Right now, I am having about 1500 visitors a day and all I can say is “Thank You!” for visiting this site.

I actually have good news for everyone! I am migrating some of the contents of this site to a new website which I just launched. The website is called Uber Digests.

Why transfer the content? 

Although awesome, the functions offered by this free wordpress blog is quite limited (I definitely appreciate WordPress for this wonderful blog) as compared to features available to an independent domain. With more features, I can provide more content and more resources.

What would happen to

This free blog site is here to stay, definitely! It’s just that I won’t be updating it that much anymore because all my other digests will be posted on Uber Digests. (UPDATE: Looks like is archiving blogs that are dormant – so this blog might not be around for long.)

What exactly is Uber Digests?

It’s a website that provides reliable case digests. Just like, the digests posted there are not “copy-paste” digests. They are well worded and well within the spirit and text of the jurisprudence concrened. But it’s not just a case digest site, it is also a website where you could share your own digests, reviewers, comments, etc.. This new website is also user-friendly as it also runs on WordPress. Its interface also offers a more interactive feel so that less techy students won’t be lost. 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Go to Uber Digests now and either subscribe or be a contributor.

Don’t forget to follow the site on Twitter and Facebook for daily updates. 🙂

Thanks and good luck to us all in our study!


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