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4 06 2012

The 2011 Bar Exams is historic for being the first Philippine Bar Exam to include MCQs or multiple choice questions. There seem to be an immediate improvement because of the spike in the national passing rate. With this, be assured that the MCQ type of bar exams is here to stay. It is then imperative for every law student and every bar taker to know the look and feel of such type of examination. Sure, all of us in our pre-law school days have experienced MCQ type of examinations but the bar MCQs are definitely on a class of its own.

I am proud to announce that my website is launching an online quizzer where you can take online quizzes and exams (MCQ types of course). These exams are for free. The first sets of exams available include the 2011 bar exams. This way you’ll know how you would have fared had you taken the 2011 Bar Exams- at least the MCQ part. Would you have passed? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Take the exams right now by going to the links below:

Online MCQs РFull List

Civil Law 2011 Bar Exams

Criminal Law 2011 Bar Exams

Legal Ethics 2011 Bar Exams

Labor Law 2011 Bar Exams

Commercial Law 2011 Bar Exams

Political Law 2011 Bar Exams

Taxation Law 2011 Bar Exams

The above are just the available ones so far. I’ll be regularly updating and adding quizzes. You can contact me if you want to submit MCQs to post online. I hope this will help you in you MCQ exams and quizzes.


NOTE: The results are displayed immediately after you finish each exam. You can opt to have the results be  posted online.


2011 Philippine Bar Exam Questions

15 04 2012

The 2011 Bar Exam Questions have been released, well Set A thereof. Here are the links to the MCQs and the essay portion (Legal Opinion and Memorandum Writing):

Civil Law
Criminal Law
Commercial Law
Legal Ethics
Labor Law
Political Law
Remedial Law
Taxation Law

Legal Opinion Essay
Trial Memorandum Essay


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